Providing mechanized and innovative
systems in Africa

We feed the African continent
and increase empowerment
for its people

Abanga Group is a value chain grassroots agro business systems provider

ABANGA GROUP’s subsidiaries started their business activities already in 2013 and are legally registered Ghanaian, Liberian and Namibian companies, with the Head Office located in Ghana. With our renowned and highly experienced Internationally recognized Agricultural Mechanization and Irrigation Experts, who have consulted for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Republic of Ghana, among others, have developed innovative systems in their areas of assignment that have gain international recognition with high level of productivity.

Members of Abanga Group

Creating a better world through partnerships

A&G Agro-Mechanical Industries

A&G is a grassroot value chain agribusiness systems provider, dedicated to simplifying and facilitating labour in the agricultural space through the provision of eco-friendly and affordable agricultural technology.

Abanga Foods

At Abanga Foods Ltd., itʼs all about quality. Our dream is for people to eat meat and fish on a daily basis. Our meat and fish products are just shock frozen very fresh and fast so that the ice crystals do not damage the cells.

Abanga Farms & Food Systems

Abanga Farm & Food Systems is a result of our firm believe that farming has a strong potential not only to feed the continent but also serve as a source of economic empowerment for Africa and her young.

Direct Farm Services

Direct Farms Services support small scale farmers and creates co-ordinated commercial relations between producers, processors, and traders leading to a vertical integration of the agricultural value chain.

We make farming more efficient by using agro innovations and new farming technologies

We empower the agricultural community to eradicate hunger and poverty by providing mechanized and innovative systems to farmers to improve their current agricultural practices beyond mere subsistence into sustainable businesses and farming practices

Why Work With Us

We offer extensive experience and expertise

Our company boasts a team of highly experienced agricultural mechanization and irrigation experts who have worked with renowned organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana. Their expertise and international recognition ensure that our partners benefit from cutting-edge innovations and efficient agricultural systems.

We provide Innovative solutions and technologies

We are at the forefront of agro-innovations and new farming technologies. Our commitment to utilizing innovative solutions helps farmers increase productivity, optimize resources, and improve their farming practices. By working with us, partners gain access to the latest advancements in agricultural technology, enabling them to stay ahead in the industry.

We empower sustainable farming

We are dedicated to empowering the agricultural community by providing mechanized and innovative systems to farmers. Our goal is to transform farming practices beyond mere subsistence, enabling farmers to run sustainable businesses. By partnering with us, organizations can join our mission in eradicating hunger and poverty through agricultural empowerment.

Regional presence and legal registration

We have established subsidiaries in Ghana, Liberia, and Namibia, with our head office located in Ghana. Our legal registration in these countries ensures that we operate within the regulatory frameworks and have a deep understanding of the local agricultural landscapes. Working with us means partnering with a trusted and locally grounded agro business systems provider.

Our current projects

Affordable machinery for small and large scale agricultural farms
Agric Consultancy: Innovative Agric-Technologies
Outgrower Schemes:
Trainings and support for local farmers
Meat production:
Free range cattles
Exclusive meat distribution in West Africa
Fertilizer production plant for small and large scale agricultural farms
Providing of fish feed for local production

Our partners

Creating a better world through partnerships